Steps by steps of your portrait experience

Steps by steps of your portrait experience

Pre-session consultation;

To find out more about you / your kids / your family, and what you hope for from the session, and also what are the options for presenting portrait of your love one within your budget. Consultation can be done on phone or emails.

Arrange an appointment;

Best to arrange a session one or two weeks in advance, so you can have ample time for preparation. Short notice is still possible, but it subjects to availability of my schedule and studio.

Preparation for the session;

We will discuss on what to prepare and what to bring, eg, wardrobe, toys or person item to be use as props.

In the event if you need to reschedule your appointment due to business trip, illness or other important matters. Please inform me early, as I only offer very limited sessions per week so I can invest many hours on each individual customers, so each session is very important to me and I’m making a living on this.

During the Portrait Session;

Studio portrait session lasts about One hour, we will have variety of poses / group combinations but still keep the pace as easy and relax. And around 100-120 photos will be taken during the session. (spray and pray is not my style)

After the Portrait Session;

A set of 30-35 proof images will be shortlisted from all the photos taken from the session, base on the best in expression, posing and artistic composition, it will help you to select your favorite photos without of go thru many photos.

It will be ready for viewing via dropbox about 5-7 days after your session.

Ordering your photos;

There are 9 collections of portrait products in three price tiers, and also individual products available in a la carte menu, you can find many options that suit your need and budget to display your photographs, and I’m happy to help you in person if consultation via phone calls and emails are good not enough.

Photo finishing and Collection;

Once you confirm your orders, I will work on them for retouching and further enhancement. The retouching is to remove minor flaws and to preserve the likeness of the person.
I take great pride of my works, will check thoroughly before handing them to you.