Why Do We Have Family Portraits?

Why do we have Large family portraits?

There are a lot of reasons; they freeze our family at a point in time so that we can look back at them and reminisce, remembering how things were.  They emphasise to our children that they are indeed part of a strong team: their family.  They can be taken to celebrate a particular event, for example, their first year in school, entering adulthood, going overseas to study, or just a yearly event to see how the family grows.

They are special photographs; an investment that can be passed from one generation to the next. Being a photographer allows me to have the privilege to create these images for families and it’s very rewarding to see their faces when they receive their portraits.


family portrait studio Singapore

family portrait studio Singapore

Portrait Session Price

The pricing structure of my portrait services consist of two parts,
the Session fee and the Portrait Products;

Studio Portrait Session Fee $200.00, which includes;

  • 60 mins studio session
  • 30-35 proof images (online viewing, non printable)
  • 2 pieces of complimentary 8R gift prints

The Session fee is cover my time and talent to create the portraits.

The Portrait Products consist of a range of products in A la carte menu and Collections menu.

There is a Minimum Order Requirement of $250.00, in another words, customers are expected to spend minimum of $450.00 when they have a portrait session with me. Most of my customers are spending between $500.00 to $900.00 for their portrait session.

Here is a small walk thru of the how your portrait session begin till you receive the finish products.

Steps by steps of your portrait experience

Here is the General FAQ of my portrait services,

Should you have any questions, feel free to contact me via 9826 0958 or email.


Book a portrait session now, as your children growing everyday and very fast.

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