General FAQ for Portrait Session

General FAQ for Portrait Session

#1, What is session fee? What does this includes?

Ans: The session fee of $200.00 is to cover my time, talent to create portrait for you and your love one. It includes studio session of an hour, proof images for viewing, and two pieces of complimentary 8R gift prints.

#2, What is proof images? How many proof images are there? are they edited? any touch up? Does it printable?

Ans: Usually I capture average 120 images during the session, 30-35 best images will be shortlisted and present to you as proof images for making selection of your print orders. These proof images are color and exposure corrected, and optimized for online viewing, it is not printable. Further enhancement and retouching will apply on your purchase prints.

#3, Where are the portrait products available? What is a la carte and collections?

Ans: Photo Prints, Framed Canvas Prints, Wrap Canvas Prints, Session Album, Box frame are available in ala carte menu and collections.

You can pick and chose individuals products in a la carte menu that suits you.

You can also opt to purchase one of the NINE collections of portrait product to enjoy great saving, and you also can purchase additional items from a la carte menu with discount.

#4, Do you selling softcopy only? and do you sell all softcopy together?

Ans: Yes, individual softcopy is only available after you have met the minimum purchase requirement of $250.00 on other portrait products, and it is at $35.00 each.

All softcopy (30-35 pieces) is at $1050.00, and it is only at $525 when spending above $1000 on collection menu or a la carte menu

#5, Are the softcopy touched up? and what is the resolution?

Ans: Yes, the softcopy are touched up and the resolution is 3600 pixel x 2400 pixel @300ppi

#6, Are there any other portrait packages available?

Ans: Each customers needs is different, offering many packages is even more confusing to customers and will not suit each individuals, purchase from ala carte menu and collections able to customise to your needs within your budget, and I will help you with your ordering.

#7, Why there is a minimum purchase requirement?

Ans: To provide quality customers services and creativity to create finest portrait for my customers, I only offer limited portrait sessions per week, hence the minimum purchase requirement is to ensure I able to stay on business and without overwork. Most of my customers are spending double, triple or even more than the minimum purchase requirement.

And for new customers, they can know that I’m happy to be hire only at this amount of spending.

#8, The products seem not have many variety, do you offer fancy collage design? like scrapbook style?

Ans: These range of products are chosen carefully, they are the fineness quality and it suits the style of my photography as well. You will be glad to know these will be your family heirloom. Fanciful design looks trendy, but they will look dated after some time.

#9, What is your style of photography? do you have fancy backdrop, costume and props?

Ans: My style of photography is simplistic, passionate and timeless, I will keep the portrait simple so the people in the portrait will be the main focus, evolve feeling when you viewing at the portrait, and they are timeless in term of design.

#10, I like to have a portrait session for my extended family and we only want a large wall portrait, don’t think we will need session time up to one hour, is there a way to help us save some cost?

Ans: In the event if you use less than 30 minutes for your session, a $75 print credit will be given to you for spending on purchasing wall portrait.

#11, I have young children and I like to capture more photos of them, will need more than one hour, how much is the charge for extended session time?

Ans: You can request to have extend session on 30 mins block, for the first extended 30 mins block, you are required to spend above $500 on your portrait products order. for the second extended 30 mins block, you are required to spend above $1000 on your portrait product.
A surcharge of $100 per 30 minutes extended session only applicable when customers do not meet the requested spending amount on portrait products.