Be My Models – FAQ

Be My Models – FAQ

I’m not a professional model, can I partake?
No. Previous modeling experience helps but it is not necessary. I have work with professional models, amateur models and everyday people, and there will be a suitable concept for different people.
The only requirement are that you are not camera shy.
Please note I cannot accept to every application, as I may have overloaded with my workload or too many similar themes.
What do I get for the photo session?
For this Be My Models photo session, each model will receive 5 pieces of 8R prints, and a CD contains the same 5 images in high resolution and other images in low resolution.
You will also enjoy discount if you keen to purchase additional Photo Prints or other products.
Must I need to pay for the session?
No, the Be My Models photo session is free, my charges for paying customers for similar service starts at $275.00.
The condition is for each model need to sign a Model Release Form, A Model Release Form is a document which enables me to sell the photos under Royalty Free Stock Images
If you do not wish to sign the model release but still would like to have a photo session, my service charge will apply.
What sort of photos will be taken during the photo session?
Generally I shoot business and lifestyle, depends on my models. You are welcome to come up with your own ideas prior the photo session. It is very important for me that you will have the shots you want at the end of photo session.
Where do you submit the photos to?

Currently I submit all my stock images to, one of the major and leading Royalty Free Stock agency. I’m an exclusive photo, and video contributor with, here is my profile page.

You able see some of my latest uploaded images and the popular images in at bottom of this page.
Where will my photos be used?
Photos sold under a Royalty Free licence are used in digital and print media including: magazines, newspapers, leaflets, brochures, websites and books.
The stock image agencies I work with have strict terms and conditions for photo buyers in their CONTENT LICENSE AGREEMENT, 4. Standard License Prohibitions, point 6 and 7.


How long the photo session will be?
Usually the duration of photo sessions involve with children is one hour, adult only can be one hour or two hours, depends on how many shots we intent to have, for session more than an hour I will compensate with more prints for your time and efforts.
Will I be asked to pose some poses which I’m not very comfortable with during the session?
No, usually we will agree with the shots we intent to have prior the session, if you feel you are not comfortable with the poses, just let me know and I will skip that, move on to other shots.


Do you provide a make up artist and a hair stylist?
Normally my models do their hair and makeup themselves, or visit makeup salon before coming to the studio.


Can I bring along a friend to accompany me?
Yes you may, as long your friend makes you feel safer and more confident, and your friend should not hinder or interfere the photo session.
I would like to have some shots to keep it private, not to use for stock images, is this possible?
Yes, that is fine with me, as long both of us able to get the shots what we are looking for.


* More info on Model release – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Download a Model Release Form in PDF format